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Filling the gap in the health and safety training.

We are excited to present you with the NBFSA Online Health and Safety Academy.

Focused primarily on occupational health and safety, the Academy can also be used for any training with the same ease and efficiency. Whether it is task assistance training, process training or even the transmission of general knowledge, the Academy will meet your expectations.

The Private Academy is a thoughtful e-learning training platform developed in consultation with large New Brunswick businesses to respond to their reality. Designed specifically to be intuitive, the Academy has been able to charm workers and the leaders most reluctant to change.


NBFSA courses are not just for companies and people in the forestry sector; that is why they've been created to offer various training categories. Flexible training options are also essential when choosing the proper health and safety training provider. We offer over 35 online trainings, 50 in-person trainings and on-site delivery.


Who can take our online training? Quick answer - everyone!

Our health and safety training platform is designed to offer training specific to the forestry industry and other training required as an employee, per New Brunswick legislation.

For example, did you know that all employees must have a valid WHMIS certification regardless of their field?


NBFSA courses aren't only for companies and people in the forestry sector but for many sectors, such as:






  • ... AND MORE


Offering health and safety training at comparable rates is crucial for our members and clients; we thrive on serving all our clients with quality training at an affordable cost.

 Our online academic is accessible at any time, from the workplace or in the comfort of their home, from a smartphone, tablet, or computer; the platform interface will provide an enjoyable learning experience that is simple and effective for all your employees.



  • Unlimited access to the training catalogue.

  • Guarantee a compliant educational path with the help of training developed according to the standards in effect in New Brunswick.

  • Ensuring the sustainability of information for a generation of workers the next one.

  • Offer autonomy regarding training.

  • Optimize training time.

  • Reduce the direct and indirect costs of training, such as management.

  • Accessible at all times.


For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by phone at (506) 836-7330 or by email at


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